Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcome to Life at the Foster House!

Hey there! I'm Sarah.  I've been wanting to start a blog for months and months.  I just never knew how to start.  I don't really have any idea today either, but you've got to start somewhere.  


So figuring out what to call the blog was pretty tough.  There were several different options and maybe one of them would be catchier but I thought that if I want to write about my life that I should start with that.  First of all, NO I did not come from foster care or have any foster children.  I have friends in both categories and have the highest respect for them.  No Foster is my married name.  There is a "punny" joke that my family likes to tell about me.  My maiden name is Beach (yes, I know it's pretty awesome!)  So the [dad]Joke goes: "You moved from the Beach house to the Foster house, kind of a downgrade don't you think Sarah?" Har, Har, Har.  :) 

I am starting this blog for two reasons. 

Reason 1. I love reading fashion/lifestyle blogs.  Some of them I want to steal ideas from, some of them I don't.  Some of them spend way more money on clothes and such than I would ever dream and others inspire me to invest more in my look.  Yeah, sometimes it's a catch 22, but that's just the way it goes.  It's a fun challenge to find that balance!

Outfit I wore to work last summer!

From National Shoe Lovers day
(you'll learn how much I love shoes eventually)

Shopping at Loft with my Momma
 Reason 2.  My husband and I bought a house back at the end of August.  It was (yes mostly that is past tense term) a total wreck, but had incredible potential and great bones.  We have almost 7 months sprucing up our house and making it ours.  Aaaannnd, we are still at it!  We only JUST put our oven and dishwasher in two weeks ago!  We had to wait so long because that is when we put our kitchen floor in!  Man, we waited SO long for that! I would have liked to start blogging at the beginning of our home renovations, but we were working non-stop.  My husband and I both have full-time jobs and so now that things are settling down a little I hope to be able to go back and share all of our renovation stories with you!! 

I was so excited to take pictures of the house!
(I'll share more of those later!)

Our obligatory house keys picture in front of our door

....and one more of this cutie, because I love him!! 

 There are so many things I am excited to share with you!  I look forward to sharing my heart and improving my writing/blogging skills and hopefully learning about myself (and YOU!) in the process.  I hear if you are good at this blogging thing you end up making friends with your readers, well at this point if you read this today (the birthday of Life at the Foster House) I am probably already friends with you, so THANKS for reading my dear friends and I hope to see more of you!!  

Love, Sarah


  1. I am excited to read more! Can your next post be about adopting a dog!?

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