Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bennett Wagsley Foster

So today I want to share all the pictures of our adorable dog Bennett.  

We got him from Our Pals Place on Canton Rd. It's a great place to adopt/rescue a pet from.  They mostly have dogs, but there are some cats too. 

We don't know much about Bennett before he came to us.  He was at O.P.P. for 6 months and was adopted and returned in that time by a college boy who couldn't have pets in his apartment.  We think he may have  been abused in his former life before O.P.P. because he is quite timid at times. 

Bennett loves: wagging his tail, treats, licking the plate, socks, sniffing, walks, being next to his people and training for the ultimate battle. He especially loves Jeff.  Jeff saves him table scraps!

The two pictures above are of Bennett's sock.  He loves socks.  Sometimes we call him Dobby.  He gets Dobby ears and a sad look on his face that seems to say "why would you want to take my sock away?"  

This is a good picture of him, he was still for a whole 3 seconds! As you can tell, it's usually hard to get him to be still long enough to get a picture.


Bennett in his crate.  We call him Wagsley because when you let him out of the crate he wags his whole body in greeting.  *and lest you think we are cruel for locking him in there, he likes it.  Dogs are den animals and have an instinct for small places.  There are several other places around the house he goes to on his own.  Also, he is a chewer and will chew on anything in his reach: glasses, fit-bits whole spools of thread etc.  

He also likes car rides. 

I have never had a dog.  Daniel has had somewhere around 5 dogs.  He told me that we would be getting a dog before we got married.   I didn't really want the responsibility of a dog yet, but Daniel finally wore me down sometime in February and we went to look at dogs.  Bali (that's Bennett's "jail" name) looked straight into our souls.  Daniel likes to say that for him it was love at first sight, he just had to convince me.  I am happy to say that I love Bennett Wagsley more than I thought I would love a doggie. I am so grateful to have a fluffy little doggy to greet me when I get home.  


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