Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Newest Project: My Grandma's Chairs

So, my grandma always had these chairs in her family room.  My grandparents lived in Florida so they didn't seem so ugly then as they do now, but they were hers and they were quaint and old.  Well I suppose the time comes when all your stuff you've collected over a lifetime gets divided up and given away and/or thrown out.  If you are lucky you have descendants who want it.

(to make up for the lack of pictures here's a pretty flower)

If you know Daniel and I, you know we like old stuff.  It's usually better quality, it always has a story and blending old and new is always creatively inspiring.  (Maybe that's why I have 100 projects started....hmmm )

(my attempt to get a picture of the world's cutest sock stealer)
{"Master has given Dobby a sock"}

Some of my family went down and got some things from my grandmother's storage unit and they brought these chairs up for me.  They were Gold crushed velvet and they were pretty gross. It was threadbare and stained in some spots.  I knew I could make them over.

I meant to take pictures of it throughout the process, but it was so much and I didn't know what I needed to do next.  When I do the second chair I will photograph it better.  :)  For now, this is what I've got.  These chairs are going to hang out in our Living Room, especially when we are hosting as they provide extra seating!!

Side by side. 

I also decided that the buttons on the bottom were too much and a little uncomfortable. 

Also, these chairs and our house are from the same era so I think it's fun to have them around.  The styles mesh or something....? :)

I have to say that it's not perfect, but I am really happy with the results.  
(the one above doesn't have the trim around the top portion yet, but I was too excited)

I also hope that none of the cousins who read this particularly wanted these chairs because my mom and Aunt figured they were so "well loved" and outdated that no one else would. You are welcome to come sit in them anytime. ;-) 

I am glad that I get to keep these chairs in the family and actually use them because I have so many happy memories of my grandmother's house.  I was thinking the other day about my grandparents house, giving myself a mental tour and remembering memories all over the house, from sliding down the stairs to exploring the attic and picking tangerines in the backyard.  It was such a blessed and lovely childhood haunt.  

What about you? Do you have any memories of your grandparents house?  Have you ever recovered anything? I would love to hear about it, see pictures or read your blog posts about it! Leave me a comment. :) 

Next time I will have some Garden news for you.  It's looking really good!


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  1. Ha! The flower picture had me cracking up! I love what you did to those chairs!! I have a few items that have been passed down and they truly make the house, I feel more connected to them when I am near them. I will have to take a few pictures and show you. We can never forget where we came from and the older the item the better the stories <3